We do not talk about food; we let the taste have a word

In an age where each dish is accompanied by a long philosophy of bla, bla, bla, where the desire to overturn a plate for having something innovative, has generate a cuisine with dishes incomprehensible or trivial dishes enriched only by sophisticated words . We have decided to let speak "The Tradition."

Our search of the taste has not been inspired by false alchemy, but by the simple hand down of traditions. We like to keep the taste of our raw materials, to distinguish them one by one without too many prodigies.

We live in the land of sun and sea, the true secrets for a good dish, are our ingredients: bodied and succulent tomatoes, fresh lemons, veracious clams, tasty mussels and our gold, "the olive oil."

Our intent is not to create a new cuisine, but simply we are committed to preserve the taste of the past, exceptional in its simplicity and incredibly authentic.

The taste of the real and typical Italian cuisine.

The Prestige Restaurant, typical and cozy, grants the spectacle of nature that surrounds to the culinary art. In an intimate and exclusive corner, with views over the Bay of Naples and Mount Vesuvius, its elevated position will leave you speechless, reserving space only to the scents and flavors.

Inspired by traditions, we welcome you with the phrase: "Come on, we offer Refreshment".

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